Hoists are the basic element of cranes and are responsible for lifting loads. A hoist is a mechanical device that uses wire ropes, chains or other suspension means to lift heavy objects. They are designed for efficient lifting and moving of heavy loads with minimal effort on the part of the machine operator. They work on the basis of power transmission using pulleys and consist of a rotating mechanism (pulleys) and a driving force (electric motor or manual power). In the case of electric hoists, the lifting is most often performed by an electric single phase or three-phase motor. This tool is commonly used in various industries to handle heavy loads. They are available in different versions, capacities and sizes according to the needs of a particular application. Their proper operation and maintenance are crucial for the safety and efficiency of work processes. We offer you quality rope and chain hoists from the manufacturer SWF Krantechnik.

Wire rope hoists

Wire rope hoists are lifting devices commonly used in industrial environments that use a wire rope (or wire rope system) wound around a drum. They consist of an electric mechanism that drives the drum and allows the controlled movement of the steel rope for precise lifting and lowering of heavy loads. Wire rope hoists are known for their versatility and ability to handle large loads, making them indispensable equipment in several industrial applications.

SWF Krantechnik is one of the leading global manufacturers in crane and hoisting equipment. The main feature of our NOVA electric wire rope hoist is the extremely large diameter of the rope drum, which provides first-class protection of the rope. Compact construction, easy maintenence and high safety during operation guarantee safe and very cost-effective use. NOVA hoists lift the load with virtually no lateral hook movement at all. Swinging of the load is prevented by frequency converters. The NOVA SILVERLINE family is also equipped with intelligent elements, that enable faster and safer handling and optimization of the production process.

SWF Krantechnik NOVA Silverline electric wire rope hoist
Technical parameters
Loads up
to 80 t
Lifting height up
to 98 m
Travelling speed up
to 40 m/min
Hoisting speed up
to 20 m/min
Mechanical overload protection
Thermal protection for hoisting and travelling motors
Lanové Kladkostroje
We can usually deliver the electric wire rope hoists from SWF Krantechnik within 8-10 weeks after ordering. For greater comfort and to avoid technical problems of the products for our hoist brands we provide delivery of original spare parts.
Faster hoisting speed when lifting small loads
Precise load positioning through reduced, predefined maximum speeds for all hoist, trolley and crane movements
Automatic stop of the lowering movement upon ground contact
Precise load positioning in predefined increments between 2 and 100 mm for hoist, trolley and crane movements
Guaranteed adherence to load restrictions during cross and long travel
Load sway control during cross and long travel
Faster, smoother restart of the hoisting or lowering process when the break is open
Smooth load lifting through reduced hoisting speed
Simultaneous lifting of several hoists on a bridge, even with asymmetrical loads
Simultaneous long and cross travel, including lifting and lowering

NOVA1 hoist meets the high demands of SWF hoists in safety, quality and reliability and provides a robust and durable technology. This line of hoists have compact design ensuring optimal use of space, low maintenance cost thanks to parts designed to last and assures safe and precise operation.

NOVA1 wire rope hoist catalogue

SWF Krantechnik NOVA1 electric wire rope hoist

Chain hoist

A chain hoist is a mechanical lifting device designed to lift heavy loads using a chain wrapped around a set of pulleys. They are often manually operated using a hand chain to control the movement of the load, or electrically operated, driven by a motorized mechanism. Chain hoists are widely used in various industries due to their simplicity, durability and compact dimensions.

ATHLO electric chain hoists from SWF Krantechnik are equipped with a two-speed start or smooth start as standard. The lift of the hook is two-speed (main lift and micro lift). The slipping clutch ensures that nothing goes wrong, even in an emergency, and its brake is designed for its service life. The motor is shut down smoothly at the top and bottom position thanks to the lifting limit switch which is fitted as standard. A separate group consists of manual chain hoists without the use of electricity, such as the CRAFTster MHS manual chain hoists and CRAFTster MLP lever hoists.

We can usually deliver the electric chain hoists from SWF Krantechnik within 7-10 weeks after ordering. For greater comfort and to avoid technical problems of the products for our hoist brands we provide delivery of original spare parts.

ATHLO chain hoist catalogue

SWF Krantechnik ATHLO electric chain hoist

Technical parameters
Loads of up
to 5 t
Hoisting height up
to 30 m
Travelling speed up
to 20 m/min
Hoisting speed up
to 20 m/min
Mechanical overload device
Upper hook, push trolley or inverter controlled motor trolley
Thermal protection for lifting motor
Lifetime brake

Chain hoist Athlo chain

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Our company also delivers cranes into a special, eg. into explosive environment. Special lifting mechanisms meet the strictest standards and are delivered with a certificate.