Autec is an Italian manufacturer of remote control devices with over 30 years of experience in the industry. The company specializes in wireless remote controls for a wide range of machinery in various industrial sectors, including construction, industrial lifting, agriculture, forestry, and logistics.

Devices for remote control from Autec are used in more than 50 countries worldwide. Autec’s control systems offer an ideal balance between price and quality. We have been using Autec’s radio remote control models designed for industrial lifting in our crane applications for years.

Autec T8B transmitter

The T8B is a lightweight and durable radio remote control with 8 dual-speed buttons designed for industrial cranes. It features a dedicated START button and can also be used for horn signaling. The model has 4 built in LEDs for visual indication of the currently selected lifting devices in double lifting hoist setups or to indicate other important information.

Radio communication takes place on a stable 2.4 GHz frequency with Bluetooth technology and additional security protection from AUTEC.

The transmitter can operate on 40 channels in the frequency range from 2400 to 2483.5 MHz. With a working range of up to 75 meters and an average usage time of up to 45 hours, it ensures seamless work. Additionally, the transmitter works with an easily replaceable Li-ion battery LPM00. With an internal antenna, IP65 protection level and operating temperature from -20 °C to +60 °C, you can be sure that the transmitter will withstand external influences. It has compact dimensions of 64.5x179x37.5 mm and a weight of only 0.25 kg.

The built-in LEDs are able to indicate different information to the user about low battery status, active connection with the application, different states of the radio connection, wrong ID key etc. It is possible to control more than one crane with one transmitter. If the customer has the necessary documentations, we can send a preset transmitter unit. This means that the customer only needs to pair the transmitter and the receiver by restarting the crane and does not need to call a technician for installation.

transmitter Autec T8B for bridge cranes
Technical parameters of T8B
Frequency range:
2400 – 2483,5 MHz (40 canal)
Working range:
do 75 m
Protection level:
Operating temperature:
from -20 °C to +60 °C
64,5x179x37,5 mm
0,25 kg

As accessories, you can purchase a safety key for user authorization without the need for a PIN code, a battery charger, and a case with a strap

Autec ACRH11 receiver

We offer you the compact receiver ACRH11 for the T8B transmitter. The input voltage ranging from 24 VAC to 230 VAC can handle a wide range of crane settings. Moreover, the device has 11 relays connected directly to the motherboard, and with the option to connect one expansion board, your possibilities expand. The expansion board opens the door to additional outputs or other functions tailored precisely to your needs.

As a bonus, it has a semi-transparent cover, which is not only a modern aesthetic element but also a practical solution. With this innovative functionality, you can easily monitor the high-intensity flashing lamp, indicating that the wireless control system is in operation.

IP65 protection level and operating temperature from -20 °C to +70 °C ensure resistance from external conditions. With dimensions of 150×134.5×60 mm and a weight of only 1 kg, the controller is easily installable in various crane setups.

This system has a built-in automatic stop safety function (Auto stop). The function is responsible for stopping the movement of the crane if the connection between the transmitter and the receiver is lost, the battery of the transmitter is discharged, the signal is unstable, etc. With the help of the application offered by Autec the user can easily set the PIN code and set the pairing.

We offer You a warranty of 24 months for remote control systems and 12 months for spare parts. In addition to the mentioned models, we can provide various types of remote control systems, such as controllers with joysticks.

receiver Autec ACRH11 for bridge cranes
Technical parameters of ACRH11
Input voltage:
24 – 240 VAC
Cable gland:
M20 and M25
16 and 24 pin
150×134,5×60 mm
1 kg

Our company also delivers cranes into a special, eg. into explosive environment. Special lifting mechanisms meet the strictest standards and are delivered with a certificate.