We offer reliable and high-quality components and accessories from world manufacturers.

We are a partner company of the German manufacturer SWF Krantechnik. Thanks to this partnerchip we can quickly procure original spare parts of this brand, such as travel motors, spare chains, spare steel ropes and electronic components. We understand the critical importance of safety when operating cranes, which is why we offer warning horns that provide clear and reliable crane start sound alerts even in noisy industrial environments. Every crane setup is unique, which is the reason why we also offer spare parts for cranes according to the customer’s individual needs. In this case, we will help the customer find the necessary part and then procure it.


Permanent lifting magnets

Lifting magnets are ideal load lifting devices for everyone who has to work in a quick and safe way. They offer a lot of practical advantages anytime when moving of ferrous loads is necessary, for example: in a warehouse, transport industry and for loading and unloading of machinery. We offer standard products for broad usage and also special magnets, which are specially geared towards the requirements of the clients. FX lifting magnets represent the most innovative products in magnetic lifting technology.

In the standard design, the FX lifting magnets have a broad spectrum of applications. The FX has good results with a large air gap as well as with thin, flat and round materials.

FX-P is the lifting magnet series for professional lifting and moving thin plates, tubes and rods. The special magnet-configuration makes this device a perfect accessory for laser cutting equipment.

Vega Technik FX-600 permanent lifting magnet

FX-R is the lifting magnet series for round material handling. The deep, flat angle prism ensures a secure position on the load and conducts the magnet field into the interior of the material.

FX-V Lifting Magnets have a long, slim design for lifting beams and profiles – also inside the beam – and compared with the relatively low material thickness, it reaches a maximum holding force so even thin, hot plates can be lifted safely.

Trolley busbar, Cable festoon, Rubber buffers

We offer high-quality crane components from the Italian company Pizzamiglio.
Multi-pole closed trolley system with uninterrupted copper strip over the entire length of the track.
Available in 70A / 100A / 130A / 200A / 250A versions, the max. number of poles is 7.
Quality product for straight runways for indoor use.
They are used for the main power supply of the crane or for powering and controlling the hoist. The maximum load capacity of MIGNON trolleys is 15 kg. The stronger version of the trolley system is OLIVARES, where the load capacity is 20 kg for each of the trolleys. The entire assembly is made of galvanized steel. C – profiles are available in 3 or 4 m versions. Load capacity up to 40 kg / m!
Rubber buffers are used to protect two objects against their collisions. We offer bumpers in various dimensions.

Pizzamiglio bumper for cranes

Accessories for cranes

In order to offer customers the full range of products necessary for working with cranes and handling loads, we have also added various accessories to our range of products. Our selection of products is carefully selected to meet diverse needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality can assure you of confidence in our accessories, that the products will withstand the demanding conditions of the industrial environment. We have all products available at competitive prices, giving you the best value for your investment. We offer, for example, lifting straps, round slings, fastening belts and clamps.

Horizontal clamp KMT blue for cranes

Our company also delivers cranes into a special, eg. into explosive environment. Special lifting mechanisms meet the strictest standards and are delivered with a certificate.